Students Union empowered by an ardent set of cabinet members, is here to do what it does best, providing a platform to encourage technical, social, cultural skills and nurturing innovation.


  • To provide opportunities for the development of technical skills and knowledge through affiliated associations.

  • To promote social, cultural and literacy activities through various affiliated clubs.


PSG POLYTECHNIC COLLEGE, established in the year 1939, a pioneer Institute in the field of Technical Education and Research is a Government aided, ISO 9001 certified institution with Autonomous status from 1976. This aids it to have a flexible curriculum and updated syllabi. The Polytechnic College has the best laboratories with free access to the students and prepares them with the latest method of learning Industrial practices. The Industry attachment programme, compulsory for all courses provides the students an exposure for current Industrial practices. The college is located in the same campus as the PSG Industrial Institute.

The Unique feature of PSG Polytechnic College is its close collaboration with educational Institutions and Industries, resulting in the cross fertilization of theory with practice. The Diploma Course students in Engineering are required to spend half a day every week in the PSG Industrial Institute, a full fledged manufacturing industry. This enables them to study the actual production processes and gives them the opportunity to observe the working of an Industry. This scheme has been hailed as a unique approach to inculcate the Industry culture among the students. In addition, a large number of projects, which the students undertake, are in collaboration with various Engineering Industries in and around Coimbatore, including PSG Industrial Institute to meet the challenges of Industry. The College is well equipped with laboratories and separate department libraries. The Departments which lay a strong foundation for students are nurtured by highly qualified faculty.

Faculty at the Institution are among the most experienced. Several faculty members are pursuing their doctoral programmes at present. The dedication of the faculty and effective handling of the curriculum provide the students with an in-depth knowledge in their fundamentals and applications including current trends in Industries. The members of faculty actively participate Seminars, Conferences and also attend Winter and Summer Schools. The Department conducts courses for the Entrepreneurs and serving engineers to make them acquire the latest technical and production skills.

A separate examination section headed by a Controller of Examinations conducts the examination.Sedulous progress has been the hallmark of PSG Polytechnic College. Presently Dr.B. Giriraj is the Principal of the Institution.


The Students Union, generally abbreviated as the SU, is the official student organization at PSG Polytechnic College.The SU is the main representative body of the students and helps in the establishment of a healthy relationship between all the student activities and the administration. It also acts as a platform for the students of the college to showcase their talents.All the seven clubs ,fourteen associations and two student chapters in the college work under its triumphant banner. The Students Union has its own unique set of cabinet members who are selected by the college authorities. All the activities performed by the SU are done under the careful guidance of the cheif advisor and the faculty advisors.



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Managing Trustee
PSG & Sons' Charity


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Faculty Advisor

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Faculty Advisor

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U M Tamil selvan (16DF24)
Chair person

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R Jai Hari Krishna (15LM11)
Vice Chair person

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S V Retik (17M066)
Secretary (Men)

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J Keerthana (17DC13)
Secretary (Women)



Polytech Day on 09th March 2017


2016 - 2017

  • Diploma Induction Programme on 27.02.17
  • Polymeet Conducted On 28.01.17
  • Republic Day celebrated on 26.01.17
  • Polyfest conducted on 16th and 17 thof September
  • Independence Day celebrated on 15.08.16

2015 - 2016

  • Diploma Induction Programme on 29.02.16
  • Polymeet Conducted On 13.02.16
  • Republic Day celebrated on 26.01.16

2014 - 2015

  • Chennai Flood Donation Camp on 23.12.15
  • INTRAMS conducted on 19 and 20.09.2015
  • Teachers Day Celebrated on 05.09.2015
  • Independence Day Celebrated on 15.08.15
  • Students' Union Inaugrated on 05.08.15
  • Road Safety Awareness programme conducted on 08.07.15
  • Diploma Orientation conducted from 30.06.15 to 02.07.15


Blood Donation Camp to be organized on 03.03.2017


'Student of The Year Award' Winner is Mr.I. PRANESH

2016 Alumni Award Winners
  • S.V. AADHALARASEN - Mechanical Engineering
  • P. VARUN JOSE - Mechanical Engineering SW
  • M. SUDHAN - Design and Drafting
  • R. DIVAKAR - Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • V. VAIRAMUTHU - Electrical and Electronics Engineering SW
  • G. PREMA  - Textile Technology
  • I. SAAI SHIBI - Foundry Technology
  • C. PALANIAPPAN - Mechatronics Engineering
  • K.S. MAHENDRAN - Apparel Technology
  • J. MOHAMMED ISMAIL - Computer Networking
  • M. DHARANI - Computer Engineering
  • S. SURIYA - Automobile Engineering
  • M. MOHANALATHA - Information Technology
  • S. DHARINI - Electronics and Communication Engineering
2016 Best Outgoing Student Award Winners
  • S. MADHAN RAJ - Mechanical Engineering
  • D. MANOJ - Mechanical Engineering SW
  • J. ARUN - Design and Drafting
  • K.A. VIKASHINI - Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • R. KARTHICK - Electrical and Electronics Engineering SW
  • I. POORANIMA  - Textile Technology
  • T. NAVEENRAJ - Foundry Technology
  • I. PRANESH - Mechatronics Engineering
  • S.K. MALAR VIZHIE - Apparel Technology
  • J. GOPIKA - Computer Networking
  • A. KATHIRESAN - Computer Engineering
  • R. SIVAPRAKASH - Automobile Engineering
  • S. SRI LAKSHMI DEVI - Information Technology
  • V.R. SANKARI - Electronics and Communication Engineering


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