About the Department

The department of English has been functioning as a fully fledged department for the past seven decades, and is equipped with qualified and dedicated team of faculty sharing their expertise in various fields of English language teaching and curriculum development. Further it facilitates the students to hone their soft skills and exhibit their linguistic abilities to meet the expectations of the industries. They have been given exposure to Group Discussions, oral presentations and mock interviews. In addition to these professional skills, students are given adequate practices in professional writing.


The mission of the Department of English as a hub is:

  • To provide the students with necessary language skills to succeed at the professional arena.
  • To facilitate them to hone their communication skills
  • To motivate them to become confident individuals to meet the societal challenges


Department of English envisions:

  • Enhancement of a fully fledged language laboratory with an audio visual studio
  • Conduct of regular training programmes focusing on Spoken English, Technical Communication and Excellence in Business Communication